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8 random observations about the passing of country music legend George Jones

1. Newspaper headline on the passing this week of country music legend George Jones:
George Jones had contrarian appeal for young country fans, artists

2. Don’t know whether Mr. Jones ever used the word “contrarian” in his life, but he did sing this line in “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair”:

I do my rockin’ on the stage / You can’t put this possum in a cage

3. And the great Merle Haggard had this to say, along with a snapshot, via Twitter:


It’s an astounding compliment from one country legend to another and fitting, too, for the original “high-tech redneck.”

4. Mr. Jones hung around long enough to earn two mighty fine nicknames – “No-Show,” for the many times he was supposed to headline a concert but didn’t quite make it to the stage, and “Possum,” according to the Nashville Tennessean, “because of his marsupial resemblance.” (Is this a compliment in country circles? Regardless, the name stuck.)

5. Bing “What brand of riding lawn mower was george jones riding when he was arrested for a dui?” and you’ll get the answer.

6. Five George Jones performances you must watch (MSN)

7. Crazy photo of him with Tammy Wynette and Little Richard (left)
8. Who’s gonna fill his shoes? Nobody.

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